How Elsa the Ghost moved to the City. This book tells the story of Elsa and her family of ghosts, who lives in an old house in the countryside. The problem is that there are less and less people around for them to scare! So they finally make the decision to move to the city where there are lots of people. Coming to the city is exciting, but it will also show that even ghosts can be frightened sometimes. What is also very ghostly about this book is that there are ghosts hidden in a secret layer of drawings. These drawings can only be seen with the help of the accompanying red looking glass!

How Elsa the Ghost moved to the City

Format: 240 x 320 mm.

For Ages: 3 – 6

Pages: 36.

Rights: Lilla Piratförlaget, Sweden.

Languages: Swedish, Korean, French


Below; selected spreads from the book 

Elsa the little ghost-3 copie
Elsa the little ghost-6 copie
Elsa the little ghost-7 copie
Elsa the little ghost-8 copie
Elsa the little ghost-11 copie
Elsa the little ghost-17 copie