Obi is a serie of four books about a yellow rabbit. These books are for the very youngest. We share a day with Obi where there are challenges more or less complicated, like  getting up in the morning, putting on clothes, setting the table, taking a bath, taking care of Bear, saying good night etc. The Obi serie is published in Swedish by Rabén & Sjögren. 

Obi get's up | Obi takes a bath | Obi says good night | Obi is hungry

Format: 150 x 160 mm.

For age: 2 – 5.

Pages: 16 p. (cardboard)

Rights: Carl Johanson


Below; selected spreads from the book 


Obi get's up

Obi vaknar 7B skugga-3 copie
Obi vaknar 7B skugga-4 copie
Obi vaknar 7B skugga-7 copie

Obi is hungry

Obi är hungrig 7B skugga-3
Obi är hungrig 7B skugga-6 copie
Obi är hungrig 7B skugga-8 copie

Obi takes a bath

Obi badar 7B skugga-2 copie
Obi badar 7B skugga-3 copie
Obi badar 7B skugga-5 copie

Obi says goodnight

OBI godnatt 7B skugga-5 copie
OBI godnatt 7B skugga-7 copie
OBI godnatt 7B skugga-9 copie