Roll is a serie of four cardboard books. The four titles are “Roll Ambulance”, “Roll Firefighter”, “Roll Machines”, and  “Roll the City”. Every spread is a free standing image that tells a story about a situation and sometimes a (humerous) problem. The  Roll serie is published in Swedish by Rabén & Sjögren.

Roll Firefighters | Roll Ambulance | Roll Machines | Roll the City
Format: 160 x 160 mm.

Pages: 16 p. (cardboard)

For ages: 2 – 5.

Rights: Carl Johanson

Languages: Swedish


Below; selected spreads from the book 

Roll Firefighters

RULLA brandkaren skugga-4 copie
RULLA brandkaren skugga-7
pompiers barbeque copie

Roll Ambulance

giraff copie
Sans titre-1 copie
ambulans copie

Roll Machines

RULLA maskiner skugga-7 copie
RULLA maskiner skugga-8 copie
RULLA maskiner skugga-10 copie

Roll the City

RULLA staden skugga-10 copie
RULLA staden skugga-2 copie
RULLA staden skugga-8 copie